Charges Filed Agaist Moody For Use Of Cobalt


Trainer Peter Moody has been charged with illegal use of cobalt in Lidari

After detecting high levels of cobalt in Lidari, veteran trainer Peter Moody has been charged by Racing Victoria for administering an illegal substance. A routine urine check of the horse after the Turnbull Stakes showed a cobalt reading of 410, which is more than twice the allowed levels of 2000mg per litre. Two charges related to the administering cobalt and another charge of racing a horse with prohibited substance has been filed against Moody.

The renowned trainer, who has guided the likes of Black Caviar to international success, will be handed a three-year long ban if found guilty. Similarly, Lidari’s owners will lose all the Australian winnings by the speedster as well in the situation.

Cobalt use is identified to be pretty common in the world of horseracing. However, high levels of dosage of the element is considered to be toxic. Earlier in 2015, four trainers including Moody, were charged with the illegal use of the substance, which rocked the racing world.

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