Racing NSW and Crime Commission sign MOU

Cobalt chloride

Racing NSW stewards have scratched two horses after finding evidence of cobalt useac


With a view to protect the racing industry against potential criminal exploitation the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and Racing NSW have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to share all relevant information. Authorities from both the organization ratified the agreement at the ACC’s Sydney office. Racing NSW Chief Executive Peter Vlandys and ACC CEO Chris Dawson acted as the liasons for the agreement for their respective organization.

Dawson termed that the strengthened relationship would be ‘an excellent opportunity’ to safeguard the industry against organized crime. “This is a commendable step being taken by Racing NSW and I look forward to working closely with them,” Dawson said. “We can then provide specific advice about what the threats might be and enable industry to set up measures to prevent exploitation from occurring,” he added.

V’landys remarked that the agreement would play an important role in increasing public confidence in racing. “Integrity for us is front and centre and this is another weapon in our armoury in ensuring the highest level of scrutiny in our sport,” he said.


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