Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup Promotions

The Melbourne Cup 2014 is only a few days away and Ladbrokes has some great offers to enhance your Melbourne Cup betting experience. Ladbrokes’ Head office is in Brisbane, but they also have an office in Sydney, where all the decisions are made from betting odds to the Ladbrokes App functionality.

If you were wanting to place a bet on the Melbourne Cup this year, here are a few fact’s that may help you make the right decision if you didn’t want to reply on the traditional methods of picking your Melbourne Cup bets:

Melbourne Cup Betting Tip #1

The barriers with the most wins over cup history are Barrier’s 5 and 11, both with seven wins:
Horse number 3. UNCHAIN MY HEART will be in barrier 5 ridden by Jockey D YENDALL with a weight of 51.5 KGS.
Horse number 5. PROTECTIONIST will be in barrier 11 ridden by Jockey R MOORE with a weight of 56.5 KGS.

Melbourne Cup Betting Tip #2

The barriers with the second most number of wins are Barrier’s 10 and 14, each with six wins.
Horse number 19. LIDARI will be in barrier 10 ridden by Jockey B MELHAM with a weight of 53.5 KGS.
Hore number 20. OPINION will be in barrier 14 ridden by Jockey T ANGLAND with a weight of 53.5 KGS.

Melbourne Cup Betting Tip #3

The first twelve barriers (barrier 1 through to 12) have produced 57% of the winners.
Barrier’s 12+ have produced 43% of winners.

Melbourne Cup Betting Tip #4

Barriers 15 to 20 are the worst performing section of barriers with 32% less winners than the average.

Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup Promotions

The most famous Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup promotion is the Ladbrokes Card, where it can be used all year around to withdraw money or pay just like a normal VISA card. However over this Spring Racing Carnival Ladbrokes have been offering many different weekly offers that pop up almost on a daily basis. These are the current Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup Promotions:

Ladbrokes Card

The Ladbrokes VISA card offers new and existing customers to access their winnings anywhere, anytime with this unique card. Ladbrokes were at the forefront of this idea in Australia, so expect other bookmakers to follow in their footsteps.
The Ladbrokes Card works as a debit card, where you can purchase anything that a normal debit card allows you to, with the added feature of being able to withdraw your money from an ATM, rather than having to sign into our betting account and set up payment for your winnings. You can pretty much celebrate with your winnings instantly if you are out and about! At the moment this functionality is not offered by any other Australian Bookmakers.

Ladbrokes $250 FREE BET

Ladbrokes on their website is offering $100 to their new members, but here at RacesAU we have a special offer!
You can get up to $250 in a Free Bet Bonus with Ladbrokes today if you click the link below, simply select the amount that you want to deposit into your Ladbrokes betting account and they will give you a 100% Deposit Match Free Bet for you to bet on any sport, race or event you choose!

Ladbrokes $50 FREE Bet Bonus
Ladbrokes $100 FREE Bet Bonus
Ladbrokes $150 FREE Bet Bonus
Ladbrokes $200 FREE Bet Bonus
Ladbrokes $250 FREE Bet Bonus


Ladbrokes is offering their customers the chance to win $10 Million tomorrow on the Melbourne Cup 2014, with the Ladbrokes “Megafector”. All that you need to do is pick the first seven horses to come in in the Melbourne Cup 2014 and you can have your share of $10 Million.

How does MegaFecta work?

It only costs $1 to enter the Ladbrokes Megafecta, and you can purchase as many entries as you like!

How do I enter Ladbrokes Megafecta?

☐ Click on one of our RacesAU Ladbrokes Banners
☐ Sign up with Ladbrokes today
☐ Search for Megafector
☐ Follow the Megafector Betting instructions
☐ Select which 7 horses you think will be the first 7 to cross the Melbourne Cup finish line
☐ Watch the Melbourne Cup Race at 3pm tomorrow, November 4th 2014
☐ If you are right then take your share in $10,000,000

All this for only $1!

If you choose a flexi-bet you can select multiple outcomes on the same ticket, and then choose a total stake to cover all your combinations or bet a flexi-percent stake per combination.

Check out the Ladbrokes site here for further information and GOODLUCK!