CrownBet Launched Officially, 3 Months After BetEasy Stake Acquisition


The announcement of the change was made in the new CrownBet website

After months of speculations, CrownBet was launched today as a new betting platform, replacing BetEasy Australia. BetEasy, which itself was established only in 2014, had emerged as one of the biggest bookmakers in Australia in a short span of time, after its purchase by renowned bookmaking investor Matthew Tripp. Within a few months of operations, Crown International, led by casino mogul, James Packer acquired a 66% stake in BetEasy. Then finally on March 17, the venture was fully renamed into CrownBet. Crown International, also purchased a majority stake in the BetFair Australia exchange and with the announcement has thus tied the different ventures into CrownBet Pty Ltd.

A New Web And Mobile Platform
Crownbet will now be operating through the website Crownbet Australia. Users visiting BetEasy Australia are now pointed directly to the new platform, while users of the BetEasy Mobile App, will be prompted to update to the new app in their next login. All user balances and credits from BetEasy has also been transferred to the new CrownBet platform.

BetEasy was already renowned for its user-friendliness and attractive odds. CrownBet’s new platform seems to be based on this very legacy, which may make it a comparatively good option for the punters.

Attractive Introductory Offers
CrownBet hasn’t hidden its ambition to establish itself as one of the biggest betting companies in Australia and thus has come ahead with attractive offers that are surely going to woo a lot of punters. Under the scheme titled ‘CrownBet Bonus Bet‘, users will instantly get a total bonus of $100 upon their first deposit of $25.

Another attractive offer that will surely draw users to its platform is the awarding of Crown Signature Club points, with every bet. The points can be redeemed from Crown’s holiday, gaming and retail outlets. They have also announced that the offer will be valid until the end of the year.

Special Extra Promotion Offers
CrownBet has also announced that event specific offers as well as free bets, money back specials and refunds, will be offered regularly. CrownBet will be continuing as the official bookmaking sponsors of the AFL, which was won by BetEasy and AFL fans can thus expect to get special treatment from them. Currently, special offers have been provided to punters for betting on the A-League, NRL, AFL, Big Bash League games and soccer and rugby internationals. Expect their offer portfolio to only grow within the next few months.


Should You Sign Up to CrownBet
There are lots of reasons why the launch of CrownBet has been defined as a game changer by punters throughout the country. Some have even termed the new venture to be an attempt by parker and Tripp towards establishing the biggest bookmaking operation in Australia. As the saying goes: ‘competition is always good for the customers’ and CrownBet seems to be taking competition really seriously. The new offers and rewards, will definitely appeal to the small and middle scale punters, which a lot of Bookmakers have been avoiding till now. So, whether you are new on the world of punting or whether you want to get extra options that your current bookmakers aren’t providing you, signing up to CrownBet will definitely be a good move. We strongly recommend them.



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